Jiangsu conference promotes village planning in Taixing city
updated on :1103, 2023

The government of East China's Jiangsu province on Oct 31 organized a conference that aimed to promote the implementation of village planning in the region. 

The Village Planning Promotion Conference, held in Taixing – a county-level city administered by Taizhou in Jiangsu – was attended by government officials, village representatives and experts in the field.

Xia Xinmin, vice-governor of Jiangsu province, highlighted the importance of village planning at the event – with a particular emphasis on sustainable development and rural vitalization. 

A raft of topics were discussed, ranging from land use planning and infrastructure development to eco-friendly practices and cultural preservation.

Government officials from different departments presented case studies of successful village planning projects in Jiangsu. The examples demonstrated how well-designed planning could enhance the overall living environment, improve infrastructure and boost local economies.

Experts provided insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with village planning – emphasizing the need for comprehensive approaches that considered the individual characteristics and needs of each village.

The importance of community participation and consultation was also emphasized, highlighting the benefits of engaging residents in the planning process.

The conference concluded with a commitment from the provincial government to further support village planning initiatives. This included providing financial resources, technical assistance and policy guidance for local governments and communities.

Xia Xinmin, vice-governor of Jiangsu province (center), conducts an on-site inspection of a village in Taizhou city. [Photo by Fang Yuting]

In addition, the participants observed the village planning work of Xinxing village, Yinda village and Qixiang village in Taixing city.

Moreover, they examined the on-site practices of Taixing city in village planning, the vitalization and utilization of rural resources, the development of characteristic idyllic villages – and the integrated development of the agriculture industry and second and tertiary industries.