Taizhou city Party committee holds work meeting
updated on :1116, 2023

The standing committee of the municipal Party committee in Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – convened a meeting on Nov 15.

They met to talk over the speeches and implement the instructions from the national and provincial organization work conference. 

Proceedings get underway in Taizhou city. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]

The meeting, led by Zhu Lifan, Party secretary of Taizhou, emphasized the need to adhere to its leadership in financial work and to effectively transform political and system advantages into effective financial governance.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of promoting the 1+4 industrial integrated cluster development as well as to optimize the business environment to support the city's development. 

Furthermore, the meeting emphasized the need to guard against financial risks and implement a comprehensive national security concept to prevent and address illegal financial activities.

It is said that efforts should be made to address the urgent difficulties and worries of the people and utilize grassroots resources for the benefit of the public.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of focusing on key tasks such as promoting new industrialization and building a beautiful countryside. 

Additionally, it emphasized the need to carry out the themed education work of the central and provincial Party committee and to focus on problem-oriented learning and change. 

The meeting also adopted 10 measures to solve problems in the business environment, emphasizing the need to build a great commercial ecosystem through gradual progress and the participation of all Taizhou residents.