Taixing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum opens
updated on :0204, 2024

Taixing officials attend the launch of the Taixing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. [Photo/taixing.cn]

The Taixing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Taixing city, located in East China's Jiangsu province, started operating on Dec 29 – a facility that has been designed to awaken urban memories and pass on intangible cultural heritage to future generations.

Highlights of the launch included a bench dragon dance, as well as a flower-drum opera and puppet show.

In recent years, Taixing has dedicated itself to putting on a raft of activities to promote the protection, inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage.

Currently, Taixing is home to 15 officially recognized national, provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage items – as well as 56 county-level items. These cover such fields as dance, drama, folk literature and traditional handicraft skills.

Among them, the Taixing flower-drum opera is a national intangible cultural heritage item, while Taixing Mahjong carving, Huangqiao Shaobing (sesame seed baked rolls) and Quxia Crab Tangbao (steamed gravy buns) have been classified as provincial intangible cultural heritage items.