Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park
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The ancient Ginkgo forest park located in Xuanbao Town, Taixing City under the jurisdiction of Taizhou. The park covers an area of 9,800 acres which is the largest intensive Ginkgo forest in China. It is estimated that there're altogether 13,800 Ginkgo trees, among which three are over one thousand years old. About eighty percent of China's Ginkgo output comes from Taixing. As an old saying goes, "China is the best place to appreciate Ginkgo trees while the best place in China is Taixing Ginkgo Forest Park."

Ginkgo, also called maidenhair tree, is easy to recognize by its unique fan-shaped leaves, which turn a brilliant golden yellow in autumn. They remain on the tree until late in the season and then cascade to the ground, sometimes all in one day. This extraordinary tree can adapt to just about any climate.

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