Tourism Bureau
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Add: No.58, East Fenghuang Road, Taizhou City

Tel: 0523-86839295

I. Carry out national and provincial rules of law and regulations, policy and standard on tourism; work out regular documents on tourism development of the city and organize towards implementation.

II. Draw up a tourism development strategy for the city, organize and compile a medium and long-term as well as annual plan on tourism development and organize towards the implementation of the work; work out overall plan and coordinate tourism development, supervise tourism economy operation and take charge of tourism statistical work and release of industry information.

III. Organize investigation, plan, development and relevant protection work of tourism resources in the city; participate in project plan, initiation and approve work on many aspects including development of tourism development, construction of tourism facilities and improvement of tourism environment. Responsible for reporting on construction and investment plan for those projects of our city listed in national and provincial key tourism projects and participate in project management; guide construction and operation of important tourism projects in municipal area.

IV. Formulate market development strategy for domestic, inbound and outbound travel in the city and organize implementation; organize the external propaganda work of tourism image and promotion of major tourism activities; guide the plan and exploration of important tour products and routes and lead the leisure tourism. Coordinate and guide tourism during vacations, trips to revolutionary sites and trips to rural areas.

V. Responsible for the standardizing the tourism market order of the city, supervising service quality and safeguarding lawful rights and interests of tourists as well as operators; regulate the operation and service behavior of tourism enterprises and employees and accept complaints from tourists; direct the construction to enhance the social construction of ideological infrastructure and credit system of the tourism industry and the business work organized by the industry.

VI. Take charge of comprehensive coordination and supervision of tourist security in the city, guide and coordinate tourist emergency rescue work; undertake the supervision work on safety production of travel agencies, star grade hotels and scenic areas.

VII. Draw up a plan for cultivating tourism talents for the city, organize and implement vocational qualification and grade system for tourism employees; direct tourism business work.


VII. Draw up the plan for cultivating tourism talents of the city, organize and implement vocational qualification and grade system for tourism employees; direct tourism business work


VIII. Undertake other matters assigned by municipal government.

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