City construction
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Taizhou is located at the door to the Middle Jiangsu and is a political, economic, cultural and transportation center in the history.


Aimed at "building a big city and creating a new image", Taizhou has built a new city with greatest efforts and the integration, radiation and influence of the central city have been improved greatly. A modern Riverside Industrial and Commercial City has come into being.


In these years, Taizhou's central city area has expanded from 22 square kilometers to 46 square kilometers. The district area has expanded from 120 square kilometers to 428 square kilometers and the population in downtown area has increased from 260 thousand to 610 thousand. The average road area has promoted from 6.7 square meters to 14.2 square meters and the average living area has improved from 8.5 square meters to 12.5 square meters, listing in the forefront in Jiangsu. Six functional sections of the administrative central zone, the financial and commercial zone, the new economic development zone, the east city educational zone, the lotus living zone and the Gaogang central zone have been formed.


When walking in Taizhou, there are high buildings and living areas in tranquility. Vacant lands in the square and on the road are covered with trees, grasses and flowers.


Water is the soul of Taizhou. Downtown areas and streets are surrounded with water and the city and water integrate perfectly. Highlighting water characteristics, Taizhou tap water culture and create a water city landscape of being close to nature. Taizhou Yingjiang River, with an investment of RMB 120 thousand, integrates irrigation, transportation, water conservancy control and tourism, which add splendid to water in Taizhou.

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