Economic Development
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Taizhou plays an important role in strategic position. Since ancient time, Taizhou has been the door connecting the rivers and seas and has played an important function in the local economic and cultural development. Taizhou is in the connection of areas along the sea and the Yangtze River T-type industrial belt. It has good regional advantages, resource conditions and economic bases.


Since the foundation of New China, especially the reform and opening-up policy, Taizhou's society and economy developed well. Taizhou became an industrial and commercial city based on industry.


As one of 16 central cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Taizhou is a new start of advanced development, scientific development and harmonious development. Taizhou has a strong industrial economic base and owns 34 thousand industrial enterprises of all kinds, among which 1,083 above-scale enterprises, thus forming pillar industries of mechanical electricity, chemical engineering, textile, food, light industry, medicine and building materials. The production scale and market occupation rate of approximately 100 products are listed in the forefront around the nation, among which sales of 56 products are listed in top 3 and 17 products have been "single champions". It has several large enterprises, such as Chunlan Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group and Xingda Steel Cord.


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