Economic Development
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In 2016, the added value of the above-scale industry increased by 10%, 1 percentage points lower than that of the previous year. The total output value of the above-scale industry was above 1 trillion and 257 billion 581 million yuan with an increase of 12.9%, down 2 percentage points over that of the previous year.


The industrial enterprises above the scale of the city achieved 1 trillion and 219 billion 18 million yuan in the main business income, up 13%. The profit was 93 billion 676 million yuan, with an increase of 11.2%.


The total output value of the construction industry was 292 billion 444 million yuan, up 9.8%. The added value was 25 billion 540 million yuan, increased by 3.4%.

The fiscal revenue and expenditure grew steadily.


The general public budget income was 32 billion 760 million yuan, with an increase of 1.7%.


The balance of RMB deposits in the city's financial institutions was 527 billion 562 million yuan, with an increase of 83 billion 392 million yuan over the beginning of the year.


The insurance industry had a good momentum of development. The income of insurance business was 12 billion 330 million yuan, up by 24.4%.


The stock market was back to reason. The volume of securities trading was 794 billion 699 million yuan, down by 30.6%.


The stock market developed rapidly. The volume of securities trading was 1 trillion and 100 billion 8 million yuan, up 253.7% over the previous year.

The number of highway passenger traffic was 87 million 660 thousand, down by 2.6%. The turnover of highway passenger transport was 5 billion 429 million 630 thousand kilometers, down by 0.7%. The volume of highway freight was 25 million 460 thousand tons, up 2.3%. Highway freight volume was 7 billion 166 million 50 thousand tons, up 4.1%; the volume of waterway freight was 152 million 150 thousand tons, up 0.6%. The waterway freight volume was 79 billion 816 million 200 thousand ton kilometers, up 6.3%.


The number of residents' car ownership increased steadily. The number of civilian cars reached 619 thousand and 3 hundred, up 15%. The number of private cars reached 555 thousand and 6 hundred, up 15.3%.

The post and telecommunications industry developed rapidly. The total amount of postal service in 2016 was 1 billion 825 million yuan, up 23.8% over the previous year.

In 2016, the total grain output was 3 million 130 thousand and 300 tons with a decrease of 163 thousand tons over the previous year, decreased by 5%.


The agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery developed smoothly. In 2016, the output of meat was 260 thousand and 300 tons, down by 3.3%. The output of eggs was 124 thousand and 400 tons, up 3.5%. The output of milk was 42 thousand and 100 tons, down by 8%. The production of aquatic products was 396 thousand and 400 tons, up by 1%. The total area of the afforestation was 38 thousand and 500 mus.


The modernization of agriculture was promoted in depth. In 2016, the new facility agriculture area was 4,000 hectares, the new facility fishery area was 1561 hectares, the new effective irrigation area was 790 hectares, and the new water-saving irrigation area was 9 thousand and 100 hectares. The degree of farming mechanized farming increased. 5,412 new medium and high efficiency agricultural machines were increased, and 1,152 new grain dryers were added. The total power of agricultural machinery reached 2 million 755 thousand and 200 kw, increased by 2.7%.

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