Taizhou holds a symposium on city management and service work
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On October 10, Taizhou held a symposium on city management and service work, which implemented the spirits of the promotion conference of city management and services of the whole Jiangsu Province to study and promote city management and service work in Taizhou. Chang Shengmei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee, and Wang Xuefeng, Xu Kejian, Deputy Mayors of Taizhou, attended the activity.


On that morning, municipal leaders led the main responsible comrades of the Taizhou Municipal Civilization Office, Comprehensive Management Office, the Civil Affairs Bureau, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, City Management Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Education Bureau, Urban Planning Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Culture, Broadcasting, Press and Publication Bureau, Sports Bureau, traffic police detachment to Yangzhou to study and investigate.


At the forum held in the afternoon, people who took part in the conference made the statements enthusiastically, everyone gave advice and suggestions for the city management and service work of Taizhou in the future on further clarifying the city orientation, completing the city's infrastructures, improving the cultural quality of the city, creating the city's characteristics and other aspects.


After listening to the speeches, Chang Shengmei pointed out that to promote the city management and service, we should adhere to the problem-orientated, aim at the current development situation of Taizhou, concentrate the resources and power, solve the salient issues which were reflected strongly by the masses , and let people feel the real change. Highlight the project traction, focus on function completion of the city, gather power in infrastructure construction, focus on bringing out a batch of projects with strong feasibility, strong scientificity, strong satisfaction and sense of gaining of the people, enhance the cultural quality of the city comprehensively, and highlight the characteristics of the city. Strengthen planning and coordination, strengthen the clearing and integration intensity of existing resources and space, carry out comprehensive development and utilization management, and avoid large demolition and construction. All the relevant departments and units should do more and much deeper research and thinking, not only to solve the outstanding problems we are facing now, but also do well in the basic work which are related to the long-term development, and consolidate the foundation of the city management and service work for the future development of Taizhou.

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