Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group elects a new session of Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission
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On the morning of December 3, the 5th CPC Congress of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group was held, which had elected the committee members of the fifth session of Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission. Xu Jingren was elected as the Secretary of the 5th Session of Party Committee of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group. Zhang Guoliang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and the Minister of Organization Department, attended the meeting to congratulate and made a speech.


In recent years, the Party Committee of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group adapted to the new normality of strictly governing the party, strengthened and consolidated the foundation, implemented responsibility, improved the level of party construction roundly, promoted the full coverage of party organizations and party construction, carried out that "building the branch on the operation", "letting the party groups go into the workshop" and "doubly managing by subsidiary and party organization", and formed an organization system that connected up and down. At present, there are 5 general party branches, 27 party branches, 103 party groups, and the total quantity of party members reaches 1010.

Zhang Guoliang pointed out that the emergence of the new session of Party Committee marked the development of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group had stepped into a new journey, and the party construction of the enterprise had also entered a new stage. The Party Committee of the group should conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, adhere to the work concept of "if the party construction was strong, then the development was strong", give full play to the core role, and create a "ideological highland" of the high-level development of enterprise; vigorously carry forward the craftsmanship spirit and build the "quality highland" of the sustainable development of the enterprise; pay more attention to the concept of talent thriving enterprise and create the "talent highland" of the innovative development of the enterprise; strive to undertake social responsibility, and create the "value highland" of the healthy development of enterprise".


Zhang Guoliang emphasized that the new session of party committee of the group undertook the new mission of continuing with the past and opening up the future and guiding the future, it should not only have new appearance and new atmosphere, but also have new achievements. Unite and lead all the party members, staffs to work hard and be aggressive, make efforts, and strive to make new and greater contribution to sprinting a "one hundred billion level" enterprise and completely building the enterprise to be the "giant" in the pharmaceutical industry of the whole country or even the whole world.

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