The report meeting of the pilot plan for the construction of characteristic rural villages at municipal level is held
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On December 5, the report meeting of the pilot plan for the construction of characteristic rural villages at municipal level was held, Zhuang Zhaolin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee, and Chen Mingguan, Xu Kejian, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou, attended the meeting.


In the earlier stage, according to the unified arrangement of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and the Taizhou Municipal People's Government, Taizhou focused on the construction of provincial characteristic rural village, at the same time, it deployed and started pilot construction at municipal level. 10 villages including Xuzhou Village of Maqiao Town,Jingjiang, Desheng Village of Xinqiao Town, Jingjiang, Yinda Village of Quxia Town, Taixing, Yinxing Village of Xuanbao Town, Taixing, Xuwei Village of Xi'jiao Town, Xinghua, Qilin Community of Chengxi Street, Hailing District, Caizhuang Village of Xuzhuang Street of Gaogang District, Chenjia Village of Baima Town, Gaogang District, Zhouzhuang Village of Yuxi Town, Jiangyan District, Xi Chenzhuang Village of Xingtai Town, Jiangyan District, were selected as the pilot units of characteristic rural village construction at municipal level.


Zhuang Zhaolin stressed that all localities, planning and design units should fully absorb the discussion opinions of this conference, listen to the recommendations of the grass roots, be good at learning from the wisdom of traditional rural construction, dig the development potential deeply, and further deepen and improve the "two plans". Form a practical and feasible project list, focus on the requirements of time node, grasp the favorable opportunity, strengthen the overall planning, classify and promote, and ensure to achieve the appearance and benefits early. Implement the main responsibility of city (district) on promoting and investing, establish the organization and coordination mechanism and the special team, refine the division of responsibilities, and implement pilot construction at municipal level practically and quickly. Establish and complete working mechanisms such as regular meetings, on-site offices, related contacts, expert contacts, supervision and inspection, notification and so on, at the same time, encourage all localities to explore, innovate and compete actively so as to accumulate experience for the promotion of the whole region.

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