Qingdao’s special tourist train arrived in Taizhou in the 6th year
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Around 5 a.m. on April 2, over 700 tourists from Qingdao arrived at Taizhou Railway Station and began their in-depth travel for two days and one night here in Taizhou. This was the third special tourist train which has arrived in Taizhou for the last 10 days. This was also the 8th special train from Qingdao to Taizhou in the 6th year.


Different from the “cursory” special trains of the last two times, this special train traveled directly from Qingdao to Taizhou and the tourists only visited one city – Taizhou. On the first day, they went for the Qianduo Rape Flower Tourist Spot in Xinghua and Lizhong Water Forest Park in the morning; in the afternoon, they came back to the downtown area to visit the Chinese Imperial Examination Museum and Fengcheng River tourist attraction; in the evening, they went on the Fengcheng River trip. The next day, the visitors went sightseeing at Qin Lake National Wetland Park in Jiangyan; in the afternoon, they went downtown to have a look at the Plum Garden, Wanghai Building and Qiao Garden. At night they returned to Qingdao by train.


The organizer of the special tourist train and assistant general manager of Qingdao CITS Liu Weiqiang said that “a spring outing to Taizhou” flower tour has become the key marketing product of Qingdao’s travel market and it is widely recognized by the citizens of Qingdao. Taizhou’s special travel products such as “ the millennium city river”, “Taizhou morning tea”, “boating at the wetland” and “ the most beautiful flower ocean” are popular among northern tourists, for example, the Shandong visitors. Every spring, thousands of people in Qingdao visit Taizhou.


On the same day, apart from the special train, there were more than 100 tourist buses from Qingtao. The Fengcheng River tourist attraction received about 10 thousand tourists.It’s the best time of a year late spring tries in vain, with ten miles of flower ocean. On April 2, the flower seeing activity “Ten miles of flowers forms an ocean” took place at the Modern Agricultural Ecological Corridor in the northern part of Taizhou.

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