Dongbei Village is rated as one of the Top 100 Villages of China
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Recently, the Promotion Ceremony of the 1st China Top 100 Villages & Rural Reform and Development Symposium, sponsored by the China Rural News of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, was held in Beijing. Dongbei Village, Dainan Town, Xinghua won the honor.

Since the beginning of the election of China’s most beautiful village launched on November 12, 2016, through recommendations, investigations and primary elections step by step, 150 candidates were elected and were announced to the society and voted at the beginning of March, 2017. On the basis of network voting, the organizing committee would also base on some election standards including beautiful industry, beautiful environment, beautiful culture, beautiful life and so on, to nail the final list of China Top 100 Villages, which would also be promoted to the whole country as the 1st installment of ecological beautiful villages.

Reportedly, Dongbei Village, Dainan Town is the "National Civilized Village" and "National Ecological Village". On 2016, total production value of the whole village reached 5.4 billion yuan, income of village collective was 16.0103 million yuan and per capital income of peasants was 50,180 yuan.

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