Promote local legislation at a high starting point and provide strong support for the development of Taizhou
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On September 12, the legislative work conference of the whole city was held to conduct special studies and deployments on local legislation under the new situation. Qu Futian, Secretary of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee, stressed that the next five years was the decisive battle period for Taizhou to build a moderately well-off society in an all-round way in the high level, the developmental window of opportunity to take part in the construction of the Yangtze River urban agglomerations, and the opportunity period to ride on the momentum and rise in the middle areas. The local legislation should implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, focus on the overall situation, follow the general requirements of scientific and democratic legislation, and legislation by law, promote the local legislative work in high starting point, strive to introduce a number of local laws and regulations which can be matched with the construction progress of a new Taizhou with "strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high social civilization degree", be able to meet the demands of key areas, fully embody the characteristics of the times, and be rich in the distinctive Taizhou characteristics, and provide the strong support for the rule of law construction in Taizhou and the economic and social development.


Shi Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Taizhou, pointed out in his speech that we should fully understand the significance of good legislative work, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency to do well in legislative work of the government under the new situation, and continuously strengthen and improve the legislative work of the government. Promote the institutionalization of government legislation, improve the "gold content" of the government legislation, highlight the government legislative priorities, strengthen government legislation participation and the scientific nature of government legislation, make efforts to enhance the level of government legislative work, and ensure the orderly and efficient promotion of government legislative work. Further strengthen the organization of the legislative work, increase the coordination of some major issues in the legislative work, and create a good legal environment for the development of the economic society.

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