Improve the quality of the work of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and the efficiency of duty execution of the committee members
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On September 7, Lu Peimin, President of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, led the principals of relevant special committees to Taixing to carry out the activity of "Being Close to Committee Members". Liu Jianbang, Secretary General of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, participated in the activity.


In the symposium that afternoon, Lu Peimin first preached and explained the spirits of the 3rd Plenary Session of 5th CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee. Subsequently, more than 10 members of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC who were quartered in Taixing declared their opinions and proposed suggestions on many aspects including the development of Yangtze River Urban Agglomerations, promotion of technological innovation of enterprises, ecological construction, regional transportation planning and construction, grass-roots cultural talent introduction and training, city water supply security, social livelihood and careers and so on.


Lu Peimin stressed that the CPPCC members were the main body of the work of the CPPCC; the key to improve the quality of the work of the CPPCC and build the "Quality CPPCC" lied on members. It’s essential to have a deeper understanding of the mission entrusted by the members of the CPPCC, conscientiously and actively perform their duties and fulfill their tasks, and transform the honor of the CPPCC members into a powerful driving force for the performance of their duties; to focus on the requirements of "Being Close to the Center, Be Fewer but Better, Be in High Quality and Making Actual Effects", be more pragmatic and effective to enhance the quality of the work of the CPPCC, be integrated into the work of the party committee and government center actively, strengthen the study, research and investigation, actively participate in the activities of the CPPCC, and further strengthen capacity building of duty performance; to maintain the image of the CPPCC members more consciously, observe the laws, regulations and the constitution of the CPPCC exemplarily, strengthen the contacts with the masses, and set up a communication bridge for the party committees, governments, the CPPCC and the masses. At the same time, the CPPCC of the whole city should provide better protection for the CPPCC members to perform their duties, strive to construct the member training system, contact system, service system and management incentive system, further improve the ability of committee members to perform their duties, and make greater contributions to the construction of a new Taizhou with “strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high social civilization degree."

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