Build a perfect expressway network system and continuously improve the first degree of the central city
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On January 11, Qu Futian, Secretary of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee, led the principals of relevant departments to the construction site of part of the expressway projects in the urban area to supervise and examine the project construction and condole the laborers involved in the construction. He pointed out that building a perfect expressway network system was of great practical significance to improve the first degree of the central city, improve the energy level of the central city and meet people's growing demands for the happy life. We must adhere to systematic thinking, speed up the construction of expressway projects under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety, and strive to build the people's livelihood projects, safety projects and high quality projects.

The construction projects of expressway network in the central urban area is one of the ten key projects confirmed by Taizhou, is the key action to optimize the form of the central city, and is also a strategic action to build the central rising city in the Yangtze River urban agglomerations. Up to now, Taizhou has completely built three rapid projects, including the East Ring Expressway, Yongding Expressway (from Taizheng High Speed to Taizhou Avenue) and the south section of Dongfeng Expressway, and the total mileage is about 30 kilometers; the 4 projects including the fast transformation project of the Haijiang Section of 328 National Road, has been started to built.

Fast transformation project of Zhanqian Road is not only the North Ring of Ring Expressway in Taizhou, but also an important part of the 354 Provincial Road, and now the whole line has been in the construction of bridge bored pile, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.Qu Futian expressed his thanks to the laborers who participated in the construction, hoped that they could continue to develop the style of hard work, fully protect the safety and quality of construction, spare no effort to speed up the progress of the project, and strive to contribute to the construction of beautiful Taizhou. He also asked the relevant departments to pay more attention to systematic thinking, give full play to the expressway, plan the good communication with the train station and the connection with Jiangyan in advance, accelerate the research of the integration of fast east extension of Zhanqian Road, form the fast track from the urban area to Qin Lake, accelerate the integration and development of Hailing and Jiangyan, constantly gather the city's popularity, and enhance the image of the city.

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