Mayor's words

Dear urban and rural residents and friends:

On the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, on behalf of the Taizhou Municipal People's Government, I'd like to extend my Spring Festival ble- ssings to all 5 million Taizhou residents, domestic and overseas businessmen in the commercial and industrial fields in Taizhou, and all friends who concern and support Taizhou's development, and to express my sincere greetings to all people working during the Spring Festival holiday!

During 2013, under the guidance of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, all residents made concerted efforts and devoted themsel- ves into Taizhou's construction and development. We have overcame difficulties and challenges, promoted reform and innovation, gained new ach- ievements in various economic and social fields and jointly created new change in good home and happy life.

We entered the Year of Horse in the lunar calendar with full wishes and expectations. In the new year, I understand that the masses hope to have mo- re stable jobs, higher income, a more convenient life and a fairer society, which are just our goals to fulfill. We will take development as a permanent theme, focus on modern agriculture, new industry and modern service sector and expand the economy; we will continuously optimize education, m- edical care, employment, care for the aged and other public services and further improve the levels of people's livelihood; we will accelerate perfec- ting the infrastructure, intensifying ecological restoration and conservation, creating a convenient, comfortable and beautiful living environment and building Taizhou into a good place where residents live a prosperous and contented life in a stable and harmonious society.

Dear urban and rural residents and friends, let's unite ourselves around the Communist Party of China with Xi Jinping as the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPC, unify our hearts and souls to walk side by side, and strive to build a more brilliant and glorious future with our intelligence and efforts!

In the end, may all residents a joyful Spring Festival, good health and auspiciousness!

January 30, 2014

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