Dear urban and rural residents and friends,

On the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, on behalf of the Taizhou Municipal People's Government, I'd like to extend Spring Festival blessings to all 5 million Taizhou residents, domestic and overseas businessmen in the commercial and industrial fields in Taizhou, and all friends who concern and support Taizhou's development, and to express my sincere greetings to all people working during the Spring Festival holiday!

During 2014, under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, the Taizhou Municipal People’s Government made overall arrangements of stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, facilitating reform and benefiting people’s livelihood, vigorously developed economy, promoted reform and beautified homeland along with Taizhou people. As a result, qualitative state and vigor of development, function and image of city, people’s livelihood well-being and public service were improved, and new achievements were scored and new changes were realized in all sectors of economy and society.

People’s yearn and expectation for good life is our progressive goal and motivation. In the new year, we will focus on 3 themes of mind re-emancipation, big project breakthrough, new improvement in city construction, emphasize people first and prioritizing people’s livelihood, and improve guarantee capacity of people’s livelihood development by enlarging economic volume; enhance resource and environmental carrying capacity and maintain good ecological environment by developing scientifically and rationally; establish internally-connected and externally-open transportation network and create comfortable and habitable living environment by improving urban and rural functional quality; and let Taizhou people share reform and development accomplishments with more beneficial service methods.

Dear urban and rural residents and friends, let's unite ourselves around the Communist Party of China with Xi Jinping as the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPC, unify our faith and will, forge ahead with determination, and make common efforts in writing Taizhou chapter of stepping on a new stage and building new Jiangsu!

In the end, may all residents a joyful Spring Festival, good health and auspiciousness!

February 18, 2015

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