In 2016, Taizhou deeply implemented the spirits of the 18th CPC National Congress, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC National Congress, followed the spirits of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Congress and CPC Taizhou Municipal Congress, sought improvement in stability, actively carried out 5 ideas of development, further promoted structure reform of supply side, and organized work of “3 Subjects” and the construction of “4 Famous Cities”. Economy of the whole city was developed stably and social undertakings rapidly, bringing a good opening for the “13th Five-Year Plan”.


By the end of 2015, the total number of registered households in Taizhou was 5,082,100, increased by 0.07%, among which, 1,639,800 people lived in downtown.

The number of new births in Taizhou was 46,600 with the birth rate of 9.17‰; the number of deaths in Taizhou was 36,700 with the death rate of 7.23‰. The natural growth rate of...[more]


The GDP per capita of Taizhou was 88,330 yuan, increased by 9.4%. 

The annual disposable income per capita of permanent households living in cities and towns was 36,828 yuan, increased by 8.0%; and the annual disposable income per capita of permanent households living in villages was 17,861 yuan, increased by 8.8%.

The annual living expenditure per capita of...[more]

Employment and entrepreneurship

99,600 people in cities and towns were newly employed and the registered unemployment rate of cities and towns was 1.87% at the end of 2016.

52,800 unemployed people in cities and towns were re-employed while 66,500 people joined entrepreneurship, offering working positions to 185,900 people. 178,500 urban and rural...[more]


The total retail sales of consumer goods rose 11.7% to 111.834 billion yuan in 2016.

The retail sales of consumer goods of cities and towns rose 11.6% to 103.578 billion yuan; the wholesale and retail sales rose 11.7% to 96.494 billion yuan; and the consumption of accommodation and catering industry rose 11.1% to 15.34 billion...[more]


The sales of commercial residential buildings rose 28.8% to 40.268 billion yuan, among which, the sales of residential properties rose 30.1% to 35.933 billion yuan.

The saleable area of commercial residential buildings rose 31.8% to 6,985,600 square meters.

The construction area of commercial...[more]


High-quality resources of preschool education were ceaselessly enlarged. 31 provincial high-quality kindergartens were newly constructed, occupying 77% of the total amount and ranking the first of Jiangsu Province.

The city realized a high-level, overall and balanced development in compulsory education. 36 modernized schools...[more]


Taizhou had 1,963 health institutes of various kinds with 100% coverage of new rural co-operative medical service in 2016.

All the health institutes provided 23,237 hospital beds in total, among which, 21,778 sickbeds belonged to hospitals and health centers. There were 26,124 health workers, including 11,317 certificated (assistant) doctors and 10,172 registered nurses.[more]


Taizhou passed the examination of the national ecological city. Hailing District and Jiangyan District both were officially named as national ecological districts; meanwhile, Jingjiang, Tixing and Gaogang District passed the examination of the national ecological city (district).

Taizhou established 85 national ecological villages and towns with the coverage rate of 95.5%. The qualification rate...[more]

Social security

Taizhou increased the standards of urban and rural minimum living guarantee respectively to 590 yuan per person and 470 yuan per person every month.

The city newly established 154 standard community nursing houses, 6 day care centers and 152 food stations.[more]

Science and technology

The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress rose 0.8% to 60.5%.

The city won 3 national tech awards, including 1 national invention award and 2 national awards for science and technology progress.

Taizhou acquired 12,489 patents including 939 patents for invention, increased by 47.9% with a rate of...[more]


There were 7 cultural centers, 7 libraries and 19 museums in Taizhou in 2016.

Public libraries were stored with 2,983,800 books and 285,200 e-books in total. Coverage rate of television reached 100% while that of cable television reached 97.2%.

Taizhou successfully held the 2016...[more]

City construction

New campus of the Taizhou High School, Jiangsu was constructed and put into use; the 5-layer elevated road formed by the expressway of Dongfeng Road, Yongding Road and Dongfeng Road, as well as the No.1 and No.2 tunnels of Yongding Road were fully available for use; the Nongzhen Line Connection and Yunhe Road Connection, south extension of Jingtai Road, east extension of...[more]

Government's main objectives for 2017 are to completely carry out the spirits of the 18th CPC National Congress as well as the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC National Congress, earnestly implement all arrangements made during the 13th Jiangsu Province Congress of the CPC, the 5th Taizhou Municipal Congress of the CPC and the 2nd Plenary Session of the 5th Taizhou Municipal Congress of the CPC, seek development in stability, focus on improving development quality and efficiency, stick to supply-side structural reform, emphasize on the development layout of "focusing on innovation, focusing on enriching people and compressively constructing a well-off society at high level", push forth three main topics of work, stabilize the growing rate, boost the reform, adjust economic structure, benefit people's livelihood, improve ecological environment, prevent all risks, steadily build a new Taizhou with "strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high social civilization degree", and welcome the successful opening of the 19th CPC National Congress with great achievements.

Build high-level modern industries

Improve the international competitiveness of three leading industries, boost concentrated development, transformation development and innovative development, and strive for an industry scale that is worth 350 billion yuan. With the China Medical City as the dragon head, strengthen the construction of the biological medicine research institution, the innovation center, the...[more]

Support real economic revitalization

Reasonably guide the anticipation of development. Promote the construction of big data platforms of industrial enterprises, strengthen monitoring and analysis of  key industries,  enterprises and indexes, and do well in following up the 30 key growth points, and make sure the number of large scale enterprises reach 3,000 with a 10% profit increase. Guide enterprises to carry forward...[more]

Enlarge effective Investment

Focus on attracting targeted investment. Emphasize on three leading industries, aim for the world's top 500, China's top 500 and top 100 in the industry, and attract leading and complementing projects. Carefully organize “2266” investment attraction plan, strength assessment of investment attraction of industrial parks, set up a board of investment attraction directly supervised by...[more]

Deepen Reform

Deepen the reform by “3 Removals, 1 Reduction and 1 Enhancement”. Start by speeding up the process of removing existing "zombie companies" and banning illegal production to ensure the reduction of excess production capacity. Followed by removing useless inventory and combining efforts in promoting the urbanization of the population, stabilizing the development of...[more]

Driven by innovation

Highlight the principle status of enterprises. Carry out the plan of a thousand enterprises project and “small upgrade to high-tech” special action, work to create 200 new high-tech enterprise. Guide the enterprises by spending more on R&D, carry out the plan of “100 demonstration sites, 1,000 test sites and 10,000 action sites” among research institutions, and set 25 new R& D institutions at or above provincial...[more]

Open to the outside world

Improve the scale and quality of the utilization of foreign capital. Organize promotion activities overseas to attract investment, strengthen high-end investment attraction in industrial chain and value chain, and strive for actual use of foreign capital of 1.6 billion dollars. Promote the opening of service and manufacturing, develop headquarters economy and functional...[more]

Promote quality development of urban and rural areas

Work together to solve problems. In order to solve the problem of traffic jams, the following construction projects will begin, which are northern extension of S231 Overpass, northern extension of Dongfeng Road, western extension of Yonding Road, rapidness renovation of Changjiang Avenue and Zhanqian Road, to form a connected expressway network of “one circle... [more]

Encourage cultural prosperity and development

Strive to further build the provincial public cultural service system in order to create a model city by accelerating construction of the city’s “15 minutes cultural circle” and by improving the digital proficiency of the library, museum, art gallery resources. Play a leading role in the layout of culture benefitting people’ livelihood, established a mechanism for the procurement of public cultural services of the government, and...[more]

Strengthen ecological civilization construction

Set up a demonstration area of ecological civilization construction. Implement the special action of “2 Reductions, 6 Managements and 3 Promotions”. Consolidate all resources to resolve major problems of environmental protection.  Carry out structural reform of ecological civilization, implement the red-line environment protection systems, enforce to the green evaluation methods... [more]

Practically improve people’s livelihood

Maintain worker’s income growth to a relatively fast pace. Carry out the “30 lists of entrepreneurship enriching people” to encourage scientific personnel, college students, urban civilians as well as returning farmers to start up their own businesses and make sure 50000 jobs to be created. Accelerate the construction of the maker space, incubation base for entrepreneurship... [more]

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