Dear netizens,

Golden Tiger bids farewell to 2010 and Jade Hare welcomes 2011. On the occasion of the coming New Year, I'm glad that I'm able to show my gratitude to all netizens who support the Taizhou's economic and social development for a long time through the Taizhou Government Website and the Sea-Watching Pavilion Forum. In addition, with your help, I'd like to show my sincere gratitude to all people from all circles of life and extend cordial greetings and best wishes.

During the past 2010, under the leadership of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, Taizhou attained remarkable achievements in all fields and all work of economy and society according to the general requirement of "comprehensively reaching a well-off standard and building a new Taizhou" and the struggling aim of "another big change over 3 years", which drew a good conclusion to the implementation of the "11th Five-Year Plan". The development and advance of Taizhou dramatically owed to the intelligence and creation of all residents, including netizens.

With internet developing rapidly and spreading daily, internet has become a convenient carrier for keeping informed and an open channel for expressing ideas. Internet, one of new media, has become a high-efficient way for the government to closely contact residents, learn about residents' ideas, integrate residents' intelligence and improve the work of the government by means of asking residents for suggestions on politics, demands and policies. There were wise opinions among a great number of netizens' constructive words regarding livelihood and development, which enlightened us. Quite a lot of good advice and suggestions were adopted in the policy-decision of the Taizhou Municipal People's Government. From the Mayor's Box to the online communication between leaders and netizens, I strongly believed that internet has become the largest "Suggestion Box" and "Think Tank" and network governance is a fast and high efficient working way in the new period. However, several problems and shortcomings existed in such work, which we will make efforts to improve.

I'm glad to see that network construction including the government website developed a lot. While providing rich information services and developing new spiritual space to massive netizens, network also built up a bridge between the Party committee, the government and netizens for transmitting information among them. Focusing on netizens' opinions has been an important part of the mass line in the new period. From now on, asking residents for suggestions on politics, demands and policies through internet will be a systematic and ordinary work of the government, which makes policy-decision of the government more inclined to residents' wills and meet with objective law.

2011 is the first year of the "12thFive-Year Plan" of Taizhou and the demonstration year of "another big change over 3 years" achievements. I hope that massive residents will be more "gelivable" to the government work, be more concerned about Taizhou's development and give full play to intellectual through a dynamic, harmonious and constructive network platform, thus setting a good beginning to the "12th Five-Year Plan" and making new contributions to promoting "strengthening the city by enriching residents" and building a better Taizhou.

In the end, wish all residents a happy New Year, good health, a promising career and a happy family.

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