Jinzhong flower blossoms brighten Hailing district
updated on :0407, 2023

Hailing district in Taizhou, East China's Jiangsu province, is covered with forsythia blossoms, or Jinzhong flowers in Chinese, that can be found across different scenic spots.

Jinzhong flowers usually bloom in March and April, and is known as a fundamental ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Its taste is bitter, with the health benefits of clearing heat, detoxifying, and relieving skin swelling.

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A path full of yellow Jinzhong flowers can be seen at the entrance of Taoyuan Park. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

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Swaying Jinzhong flowers add an extra decorative touch at the Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

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Visitors can enjoy the sight of Jinzhong flowers at Taishan Park. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]