Idyllic Taizhou city enchants in pictorial scenes
updated on :0221, 2023

Hu Zhaoming, a leading photographer from Xinghua city – a county level city administered by Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province – is particularly skilled in pictorialism, or pictorial photography. He's recorded Taizhou a lot in his work, so let's check it out.


This photo of a woman rowing a boat – on waters traversing a golden Qianduo rape flower field in Xinghua – used to be displayed on a huge electronic screen in Times Square in New York in the US. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]


This photo records the lotuses at the Tiande River, in the style of a traditional Chinese painting. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]


A couple visits Sanshui Bay area near the Fengcheng River in Hailing district. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]


Crabs warily move about – as a bird watches on – in the Hailing district of Suchen town. [Photo/WeChat ID: tzfabu]