Glorious Jingjiang city lotuses come out in full bloom
updated on :0620, 2024

Amid the summer heat, lotus leaves are now reaching out high and low – with red and white lotus buds and fully bloomed flowers combining to create a mesmerizing scene in Jingjiang city, in East China's Jiangsu province.


Visitors appreciate the lotuses outside the Mazhou Arts Museum. [Photo by Ma Yuchao]


The lotus-filled landscape at Mazhou Park exemplifies the charm of these wonderful flowers. [Photo by Sheng Yi]

In Dongjin village, in Jingjiang's Shengzi town, lotus ponds are full of color, the rich green lotus leaves glistening in the sunlight – adding a cool touch to the sweltering summer days. 


Inspiring lotus blossoms are to be seen almost everywhere these days in Jingjiang. [Photo by Xiao Jing and Sheng Yi]