South Korean consul general in Shanghai visits Taizhou city
updated on :0618, 2024

Wan Wenhua, mayor of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – held a meeting on June 13 with Kim Young-jun, consul general of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai.

Wan Wenhua (right), mayor of Taizhou city, meets Kim Young-jun, consul general of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai. [Photo by Fang Yuting]

Wan warmly welcomed Kim and his delegation, expressing gratitude to the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai for its support of Taizhou's development.

After providing a brief overview of Taizhou's economic and social progress, Wan highlighted the close ties between Taizhou and South Korea in commerce, trade and the cultural spheres.

She mentioned that Taizhou had established sister city relations with South Korea's Eumseong county and an international friendship exchange city status with its Gochang county, preceding the formal establishment of sister city relations.

Currently, Taizhou is focusing on promoting an integrated industrial cluster to advance the modernization of the city.

Emphasizing the significance of friendly exchanges with South Korea, Wan expressed hope for deeper cooperation guided by the Consulate General, particularly in industrial development and cultural exchanges.

Taizhou remains dedicated to fostering a top-tier business environment, ensuring that foreign business enterprises – including those from South Korea – thrive and feel secure within Taizhou's borders.

Kim expressed his appreciation for Taizhou's hospitality and support for South Korean businesses, acknowledging Taizhou's rich history and industrial strengths.

He expressed a desire to boost mutual dealings in commerce, culture and other areas – fostering local interactions and youth exchanges for joint growth and a prosperous future.