Taizhou hosts central, SOE synergies development conference
updated on :0628, 2024

The city of Taizhou – located in East China's Jiangsu province – played host to the 2024 Taizhou Central State-Owned Enterprises Synergistic Development Conference on June 28. 

The conference represented a move to forge new paths, tap into fresh markets and secure a competitive edge for the city.

The event was designed to attract potential partners, foster closer ties and collaboration, as well as bring together key figures from various sectors to drive forwards mutual growth and cooperation.

Taking the podium, Wan Wenhua, mayor of Taizhou, delivers a speech at the conference. [Photo by Fang Yuting]

The symposium enjoys the participation of major domestic central enterprises, provincial enterprises, research institutes and State-owned enterprises. [Photo by Fang Yuting]

A highlight of the event was the signing ceremony focused on major projects, with a total of 21 projects signed up involving a combined investment of 44.3 billion yuan ($6.09 billion).

Source: "tzfabu" WeChat account