Taizhou city municipal government holds executive meeting
updated on :0530, 2024

The municipal government of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – convened an executive meeting presided over by Mayor Wan Wenhua on May 29.

Wan Wenhua (center), mayor of Taizhou, kicks off the proceedings at the meeting. [Photo by Fang Yuting]

The meeting focused on carrying out the intentions of the recent national and provincial meetings and emphasized the need to deepen reforms and advance the modernization of Taizhou.

The delegates highlighted the importance of understanding policy trends, planning local initiatives and ensuring the effective use of financial resources.

Specific attention was given to fire safety in residential areas, road traffic safety and economic development strategies.

The meeting stressed the importance of discipline, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in financial management.

Measures to prevent fires and to enhance road safety were emphasized, along with the approval of a list of cultural relics protection units.

Moreover, it was stated at the meeting that the overall goal was to stimulate economic growth, boost consumer demand, stabilize the real estate market and drive sustainable economic development in Taizhou through targeted reforms and strategic planning.

Source: tznews.cn