Xinghua city begins 2024 cole flower tourism festival
updated on :0401, 2024

The opening ceremony of the cole flower festival kicks off. [Photo/WeChat account: xinghuafabu]

The 2024 Xinghua Qianduo Cole Flower Tourism Festival kicked off with pizzazz on March 26 in Xinghua city, administered by Taizhou city in East China's Jiangsu province – and the colorful and lively event will continue until May 8.

Liu Xia, vice-mayor of Taizhou, said at the opening ceremony on March 26 that her city cordially invites friends at home and abroad to experience Taizhou's long history and culture, as well as its folk customs – while enjoying the unique scenery of the cole flowers in Xinghua's Qianduo town.

A total of 42 activities will be held during this year's festival. In all, there will be seven key events – including an opening ceremony, an economic and trade negotiation week, and a candy and snack summit.

A new feature of this year's festival is the introduction of a live nighttime performance.

The evocative performance will use special effects such as drones, fireworks and a laser projection. It will also integrate folk performances and intangible cultural heritage displays – such as boat performances and water weddings – to leave tourists with an unforgettable memory.

The unique cole flower fields surrounded by waterways in Qianduo town, Xinghua city. [Photo/WeChat account: xinghuafabu]