Discover traditional Spring Festival delicacies in Taizhou
updated on :0116, 2023

The city of Taizhou in East China's Jiangsu province is rich in aquatic product, so there's are a lot of traditional Spring Festival delicacies made with them. Let's check the out!


Fish balls in Chinese culture signify reunions – which makes it an important dish at New Year's Eve dinner. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]


Xinghua, a county-level city administered by Taizhou – and the Jiangyan district of Taizhou – have a long tradition in preparing lotus roots. The deep-fried lotus root sandwich is a classic dish there. Since the shape of the deep-fried lotus root sandwich resembles ancient coins, it signifies wealth. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]


In Shagou town in Xinghua, little dried fish can now be seen everywhere. The fish is fleshy, delicious and rich in nutrition. [Photo/WeChat ID: tztour]