Gaogang pufferfish awarded national geographical indication
updated on :0621, 2024

The Gaogang pufferfish was recently accorded prestigious national geographical indication certification by the China National Intellectual Property Administration – highlighting the rich culinary heritage in Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province.

The recognition underscores the premium gastronomic quality of the Gaogang pufferfish – an enduring favorite in restaurants and a local delicacy since the early 1960s. Celebrated Song Dynasty (960-1279) poet Su Shi once praised the pufferfish's unique flavor in his poetry.


People just love delicious Gaogang pufferfish soup. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

In the Medical High-tech Zone – also known as the Gaogang district of Taizhou city – efforts to promote the pufferfish culture include a dedicated research studio, a National Aquatic Healthy Breeding Demonstration Farm and a national pufferfish resource base. Moreover, the district has established two farming standards and secured over 20 patents.

Gaogang's pufferfish farming operates on an industrial model that integrates associations, companies, farmers and cooperatives.

This operation is on a site that covers over 1,000 mu (66.67 hectares) and produces over 1,000 metric tons of pufferfish annually – with the fish being popular in markets like Shanghai, Nanjing in Jiangsu province, and Beijing.