Jingjiang crab dumplings in soup (jìng jiāng xiè huáng tāng bāo)
updated on :1025, 2022

crab dumplings.jpg

Always delectable: Jingjiang crab dumplings in soup. [Photo provided to etaizhou.gov.cn]

One of China's top four dim sums, crab dumplings in soup from the county-level city of Jingjiang – administered by Taizhou city, in East China's Jiangsu province – has a culinary history dating back some 200 years. It is popular around the country, with its appealing thin but bouncy skin, thick soup, chrysanthemum-shaped appearance, high nutritional value and delicious flavor.

There are three things in particular to look out for with this dish.

One is the complex preparations and making it. First, select quality crab roe, crab meat, chicken and pork as raw materials for the fillings. Then make a hand-sized dumpling with a paper-thin wrapper and pleat the edges of the wrapper around the filling to make the dumpling look like a chrysanthemum, a feat that can only be done well by those who have trained for a long time.

The second characteristic is its perfect looks. The steamed soup dumplings are snow-white and crystal clear.

The third unique feature concerns eating it. To do it properly, keep these tips in mind: pick it up carefully; move fast; a small bite at first and then drink the soup. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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A serving is offered of yummy Jingjiang crab dumplings in soup. [Photo provided to etaizhou.gov.cn]