Taizhou's golden rape blossoms beckon flower lovers
updated on :0323, 2023

The much-loved Qianduo rape flower field – located in Xinghua in Taizhou city, East China's Jiangsu province – is regarded as being a world-class rural attraction that draws hordes of visitors from afar.

On March 18, a host of onlookers were enthralled by the breathtaking scenery of the golden carpet that lay before them. That's because the vividly colored rape flower field shows its unique charms from different angles.


Row upon row of brightly hued flower beds stretch out for enthusiasts to take in. [Photo/xuexi.cn]


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sightseers wander among the flowers, appreciating the beauty and tranquility of nature. [Photo/xuexi.cn]


Tourists ride on a boat to get up close to the glorious flowers. [Photo/xuexi.cn]


A viewing tower stands sentinel among the flowers and attracts a large number of photography enthusiasts. [Photo/xuexi.cn]