Cherry blossoms bloom in Taizhou
updated on :0307, 2024

March casts its enchanting spell on Taizhou as clusters of cherry blossoms throughout the city begin to bloom. Now is a perfect time to appreciate the wonders of spring and embark on a flower-viewing journey in Taizhou.

Wenchang Pavilion

At the Wenchang Pavilion, located in the heart of the city's downtown area, you'll find an "Internet-famous" cherry blossom tree that is captivating visitors with its enchanting beauty. The light breeze gently carries the pink petals through the air, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

The blooming cherry blossoms serve as the perfect complement to the ancient building. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Taizhou Polytechnic College

As you wander into Taizhou Polytechnic College, you'll be greeted by clusters of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Their pink and white petals, reminiscent of snow and clouds, create an ethereal scene. The fragrant scent of these flowers fills the air, attracting crowds of admirers.

Students capture stunning photos of the cherry blossoms on campus. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Tiande Lake Park

Don't miss the 200-meter cherry blossom avenue in Tiande Lake Park, as it is a breathtaking sight to behold. The best time to visit this site is from mid-to-late March to mid-to-late April, when the cherry blossoms are at their peak blooming period.

As you stroll through the park, your gaze will catch the cherry blossoms in perfect contrast with the clear-blue sky. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]