A guide to Taizhou city's parks
updated on :0621, 2024

Welcome to Taizhou city, located in East China's Jiangsu province, where nature meets recreation in its diverse parks and scenic spots. This guide invites you to discover the beauty and leisure opportunities being offered by the city's main parks across its districts.

Hailing district:

People's Park

Located in the city center, the People's Park takes advantage of its natural terrain – with rolling hills, serene waters, dense forests and fragrant gardens – making it an ideal spot for fitness and leisure.


The fitness trail beckons runners in the People's Park. [Photo/WeChat account: weihailing0523]

Address: Near the intersection of South Hailing Road and East Meilan Road

Opening hours: All day

Admission: Free

Taishan Park

As the city's oldest park, Taishan Park boasts towering trees and iconic features like Xiao Xihu Lake, artificial mountains, Yue Temple and a bonsai garden, evoking nostalgic memories for locals.


Always popular: The bonsai garden in Taishan Park. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Address: No 4 Gongyuan Road, Hailing district

Opening hours: All day

Admission: Free

Sanhe sports park

Covering about 450 mu (30 hectares), Sanhe sports park offers a range of facilities including basketball and tennis courts, a football field, a 4 kilometer-long rubber jogging track, a rainbow sand pit, a water park and fishing spots – catering to visitors of all ages.


Kids cavort in the Sanhe sports park. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Address: North of the intersection of North Qingnian Road and Senyuan Road, Hailing district

Opening hours: All day

Admission: Free

Zhibao Park

Nestling by a river, Zhibao Park is renowned for its waterside views and lush vegetation. It combines scenic beauty with recreational facilities such as playgrounds and large play areas, making it a favorite among kids.

Address: South Yunhe Road, Hailing district

Opening hours: All day

Admission: Free

Jiangyan district:

Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park

As Taizhou's only 5A-rated scenic spot, the Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park features intertwining rivers, abundant reeds and a rich diversity of wildlife – including protected species like elks, red-crowned cranes and Yangtze alligators.


A quiet corner of the Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park. [Photo/Qinhu Lake Tourism Resort via WeChat account: gh_dc638bfa1162]

Address: No 1 Qinhu Avenue, Qintong town, Jiangyan district

Opening hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm (last entry at 3:30 pm)

Admission: 80 yuan ($11.03)

Jiangyan People's Park

A comprehensive urban park offering leisure, fitness and entertainment options. Highlights include pleasure boats, pavilions, a scenic lake with sandy shores and dedicated areas for kids and seniors.

Address: No 229 East Gutian Road, Jiangyan district

Opening hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Admission: Free

Taizhou Medical High Tech Zone (or Gaogang district):

Tiande Lake Park

Divided into "Active" and "Quiet" zones, Tiande Lake Park features themed gardens representing cities across Jiangsu province, alongside a science and technology museum – making it a very popular destination for weekend outings.


A sweeping view of Tiande Lake Park. [Photo/WeChat account: tztour]

Address: No 8 East Haijun Road, Fenghuang subdistrict, Gaogang district

Opening hours: 6 am to 10 pm

Admission: Free

Fengqi Lake Park

Known for its scenic beauty, Fengqi Lake Park offers a lakeside trail passing through cultural zones, forested areas, ecological exhibits and sports facilities.

Address: 50 meters southeast from the intersection of East Chungang Road and Xingang Avenue, Kou'an subdistrict, in Gaogang district

Opening hours: 6:30 am to 6 pm

Admission: Free