Gratis stay offered to jobseekers in Taizhou Medical High Tech Zone (Gaogang district)
updated on :0717, 2024

Recognizing the need for affordable and accessible housing, Taizhou – located in East China's Jiangsu province – has launched an initiative offering free accommodation to young talents seeking employment or entrepreneurial opportunities within the city. 

The program provides up to 14 days of complimentary lodging annually, aiming to alleviate the burden for young professionals.


* Recent university graduates and young talents within two years of graduation are eligible.

* Certain cities (districts) extend the age limit to 40 for individuals with specific qualifications (a master's degree or higher, senior vocational qualifications, an intermediate-level title).

Applications process:

1. Online applications:

* Access the "泰有引力Young" WeChat mini program.

* Under "驿站住宿券"-"苏青驿站", register using your resident ID card.

* Input your details and upload necessary supporting documents (e.g., graduation certificates, job-seeking certifications).

2. Offline consultation:

The hotel administrators will review the application within 24 hours and notify the applicant of the outcome.

3. Check-in procedure:

On receiving approval, use your resident ID card to check in at the designated hotels.

Hotel locations:

23 hotels across various county-level cities/districts of Taizhou: Four each in Jingjiang, Taixing, Xinghua, Gaogang and Hailing; three in Jiangyan; two additional flagship hotels coming soon

For inquiries or bookings:

Taizhou Medical High Tech Zone (Gaogang district)

Note: They are not listed in any particular order.

No 1 Lavande

Contact: 0523-86966108

Address: No 998 East Yongding Road

The Lavande Hotel is conveniently located, with well-developed surrounding transportation and facilities. Additionally, it's near commercial complexes such as the Taizhou MIXC shopping mall and Taizhou Phonenix City Walk shopping mall. The hotel rooms are furnished with Mousse fiber mattresses, electric curtains, intelligent systems, Bluetooth audio and even shower music.

No 2 Suisse Place

Contact: 0523-86966108

Address: No 1 Koutai Road

The Suisse Place hotel is near educational institutions and major pharmaceutical companies. The hotel offers convenient amenities like banks, cinemas, supermarkets and a self-service laundromat. Services include employment guidance for young individuals. 

No 3 Haiyan Jinling International Hotel

Contact: 0523-86966108

Address: No 5 South Yangzijiang Road

The Haiyan Jinling International Hotel boasts European architecture and upscale amenities in the Gaogang district. It's a 15-minute drive from the G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, offering convenient access to it. The hotel provides one-stop services like policy interpretations, skills training, job assistance and a youth association for graduates visiting Gaogang for interviews.

No 4 Huasu Apartment

Contact: 0523-86966108

Address: No 1 Koutai Road

The Huasu Apartment facility offers a Youth Home activity area with essential facilities for short-term stays for young individuals. 

The station provides a "group gift package" for young talent staying free of charge. By facilitating collaboration and support among young talent, the Huasu Apartment aims to ensure a comfortable living environment, employment opportunities and community engagement.